Automation Project

  • Responsibilities:
    - Study, analysis manufacturing processes to find out which is suitable for automation applications.
    - Make plan, design, assemble automation machine or automation cell to support factory manufacturing.
    - Make plan, provide technical documents and requirements to maker or supplier to make automation machines using outside resources.
    - Follow up, check and solve any problems of machines which may happen in mass trial or mass production.
    - Provide related departments with technical guidance to strongly promote automation activities in CVN.
  • Requirements:
    - Quick-learner, creative and flexible thinking.
    - Good communication skill.
    - Ability to work independently or within a team under pressure.
    - Computer software proficiency: MS Office.
    - Good command in English, especially spoken and written English.

    Mechanical Group
    - Graduated from university or college, degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronics,...
    - Firm knowledge, good understanding of mechanical drawing.
    - Knowledge of mechanical process and measurement tool.
    - Can use some CAD software in designing.

    Electrical/Electronics Group
    - Graduated from university or college, degree in electrical/electronics engineering, automation,...
    - Knowledge of circuit design and software-control.
    - Ability to use some programming language: C++ , Visual Basic…
    - Familiar with PIC microcontroller, PLC programming.

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