Cost Management Department (CMG)

  • Responsibilities:
    - Recognize the parts cost, understand how to make parts.
    - Recognize the products cost, summary all parts cost.
    - Recognize the company cost, summary all products cost.
    - Reduce company cost, promote cost reduction activity with all related member.
    - Promote the cost reduction activity, present the cost situation   and propose some cost reduction  activity.
    - Discuss with all related member to reduce cost.
  • Requirements:
    - Can handle many kind of number for all day, and can use Excel, Power Point smoothly.
    - Communicate with all related member well.
    - Be honest and have a open mind.
    - Have a responsibility to finish everything at the last.
    - Can work under high pressure.
    - Communicate with Japanese member in English well.
    - If you have a strong mind to continue to work, it is not necessary to satisfy all above requirements.

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