Information Technology Department (IT)

  • Responsibilities:
    - Support company about Production and Quality by applying IT in Production to export Company's product to global market.
    - Innovate business by IT, IT Deparment always try to learn more not only newest technology such as programs, data base, world wide webs but also Canon Business.
  • Requirements:

    General Requirements:
    - Bachelor degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field.
    - Understanding of  network LAN, WAN and good working with Window Server, Linux.
    - Experience in working as a software engineer/developer.
    - Ability in creating and using design documents for developing application system job.
    - Good working knowledge of some programming languages such as C++, VisualBasic,Java... and database language SQL, TSQL.
    - Experience with Web Programing ASP, MS .net, Windows Forms HTML-based web applications.
    - Understanding of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.
    - Understanding of testing & quality assurance is a plus.
    - Intelligent, creative and willing to learn and research new technologies.
    - Good programming and scientific thinking.
    - Be ready for working overtime and working on holiday.

    Soft skills requirements:
    - Working and time management skill.
    - Communication skill.
    - Must be organized.
    - Good written and spoken English.

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