Planning Department (PLAN)

Functions: Form the strategies & plans and supports other departments make them come true for the development of the company, employee and Vietnam.

Administration Group

  • Responsibilities:
    - Do secretary job for management board.
    - Form strategies & policy for the development of the company.
    - Control management index.
  • Requirements:
    - Person with having good strategic vision, analyzing & reporting skill and logical thinking.

Legal Group

  • Responsibilities:
    - Update & analyze new governmental policies & legal documents of Vietnam.
    - Support & follow other departments in legal matters.
  • Requirements:
    - Person with logical thinking, reporting skill and be interested in enterprises and society’s matters. Having knowledge of law is preferable.

Social Activity Group

  • Responsibilities:
    - Survey, make plan and implement social activities.
    - Public Relation.
  • Requirements:
    - Person with plan-making, project management & well - organized ability, team work spirit and active.
    - Welcome you to Planning Department - a dynamic and creative place where you can reveal your ability and creation!

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