Product Engineering Department 1

  • Responsibilities:

    Product engineer.
    - Develop new product launching.
    - Manage and issue all document relate to printer mechanical technology.
    - Analysis process, part and product trouble. Cooperate with production dep't and supplier to solve the trouble, improve quality.
    - Support technical to outside supplier. Issue relate document to supplier: Drawing, technical document.

    Part engineer.
    - Development new mold die for new product.
    - Analysis part trouble and production technology to make good part.
    - Manage and ensure die quality.
    - Report mold die quality status to management.
    - Report and discuses to relate dept in Japan to solve die trouble and improve die specification.
    - Checking and improve die quality of die maker in Vietnam and oversea.

    Packing engineer.
    - Develop new product packing relate: box design, styro foam, manual...
    - Manage and instruct all relate dep’t the technical of packing and accessory.
    - Analysis trouble for product, process and part. Which relate to packing, storage and transportation.
    - Support supplier related technical to packing part: Box, printing, foam...
    - Report and discuss with relate dep't in Japan to cooperate working with relate job on packing design and specification.

  • Requirements:
    - Have ability to communicate in English in job.
    - Have ability to use PC.
    - Have basic knowledge of processing machine and production.
    - Have ability to solve problems related to Quality ( Ho - ren - So)
    - Have ability to use related software.

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