Product Engineering Department 2
  • Responsibilities:

    Product engineer.
    - Support and Develop new product launching.
    - Manage and issue all document related to technology for product and operation.
    - Analysis process, part and product trouble. Cooperate with production dep't and supplier to solve the trouble, improve quality.
    - Support technical to outside supplier. Issue relate document to supplier: Drawing, technical document.
    - Discuss with related section in Canon Inc. about problems to change operation and section.
    - Implement Robocon and join activities for increasing automation in operation in factory.

    QA engineer:
    - Support about quality to carry out new products.
    - Ensure about the quality of products as well as in Printer Circuit Board Department.
    - When problems happen, engineers are responsible for “informing - contacting - discussing” with related departments to give out solutions and preventions.
    - Frequently making report about quality problems to Management Board.
    - Support about quality for outside suppliers. Frequently exchange and examine directly at the steps of outside suppliers.
    - Implement to check and supervise operation, make sure operation done by work standard.
    - Manage, implement and apply ISO 9001 in operation of assemblying PCB.
    - Issue documents leading job, operation and documents related to quality.
    - Implement to train for newcomers, supplement and improve for staffs from Printer Circuit Board and Technical Department.
    - Discuss with designing section of Canon Headquarter about problems related to designing circuit board.
    - Implement to study and provide methods and new technpnology in operation in order to increase quality.

  • Requirements:
    - Have ability to communicate in English in job.
    - Have ability to use PC.
    - Have basic knowledge of processing machine and production.
    - Have ability to solve problems related to Quality ( Ho - ren - So)
    - Have ability to use related software.

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