Production Engineering Department (PDE)

  • Responsibilities:
    - Design Check Jig & Assemble  Jig.
    - Make plan order Jig suppliers.
    - Control  quality of supplied Jig.
    - Assemble & transport Jig to Production Departments.
    - Follow & solve arising issues of Jig in process of Trial Production & Mass Production.
    - Make plan purchase & assemble in Mass Production.
  • Requirements:

    Mechanical Group
    - Graduate Mechanical Major of University, College.
    - Have knowledge of & able to read engineering drawings.
    - Have knowledge of mechanical  process & measurement tool.
    - To be able to design & use popular design software.

    Electricity & Electronics Group
    - Graduate Major of electrical, electronics, cybernetics of University & College.
    - Have knowledge of designing electrical Circuit & auto cybernetics.
    - To be able to use language C++, Visual Basic, PLC.