Accounting Department (ACC)

  • Responsibilities:
    - Implement all work specialized in accounting and financing in accordance with Government's regulations, Accounting Standards, Accounting Principles...
    - Keep track of, reflect the movement of capital in any forms and propose solutions and assist BOM about related issues.
    - Inspect, supervise items of financial revenue, expenditure, obligations to receive and to pay debts.
    - Assist BOM on managing and using assets and capital sources most effectively (such as inventory, fixed assets, liabilities and equity, operating expenses, cost managements...) by making management reports and operate internal control system.
    - Analyse accounting information and figures, make budget and financial forecast to provide advice and proposed solutions to BOM for their making the economic and financial decisions of company.
  • Requirements:
    - Be able to work for the company for a long time and work under high pressure.
    - Have good ability of computer skill.
    - Be able to work in group.

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