Canon Vietnam’s policy on gifts


With the philosophy "Kyosei", Canon Group always makes efforts in all activities to complete all corporate social responsibility as an enterprise and forwards to become an actually global excellent corporation.

Canon Vietnam are now also stimulating complying, thoroughly grasp enterprise’s ethics at a new level; severely punish all in transparent activities, contrast social commonsense which leads to enterprise’s loss of prestige; carry out our business operation publicized and truthfully.

For the above reasons, Canon Vietnam have issued a policy on gifts so that we can consistently plan for corporate ethics and realize our goal of becoming a good global citizen based on our Canon Code of conduct.

- As for executives and employees:

The executives and employees of the Canon Group must neither accept nor seek, from its customers or parties who are doing business with the company, improper benefits such as gifts, entertainment, or promises of future considerations that exceed the normal scope of social conventions.

“Quoted from Canon Code of Conduct”

- As for suppliers:

Bribes or other means of obtaining undue or improper advantage are not to be promised, offered, authorized, given, or accepted. This prohibition covers promising, offering, authorizing, giving or accepting anything of value, either directly or indirectly through a third party, in order to obtain or retain business, direct business to any person, or otherwise gain an improper advantage. Monitoring, record keeping, and enforcement procedures shall be implemented to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.

“Quoted from Canon Supplier Code of Conduct”

Hanoi dated on 1 Jan 2022

Niimura Minoru

General Director