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Sharing from Chief Engineer after 15 years working in Canon Vietnam

Editor: Could you share with us your working history at Canon Vietnam?

Chief Engineer: It’s my honor to be one of the first members of Canon Vietnam. So far, I have been working for over 15 years, witnessed the establishment and development of the company.

Graduated from the University of Technology in July 2001, I applied and luckily was selected as official engineer. During time I worked here, I have had opportunities to work in many departments of the Factory, joined training course in Japan for 3 years then I was assigned as chief engineer.

Editor: Why did you choose Canon Vietnam to work for a long term?

Chief Engineer: Before being official engineer in 2001, I had the opportunity to practice at Canon Vietnam for 3 months. During that time, I wished I could be official engineer. Until now, I still think it’s the right choice, and it’s really true to said that Canon is the ideal environment to develop all the skills, knowledge and save a lot of valuable experiences.

The first valuable thing when I work here that I could directly used and worked with modern technology, extremely professional members, had chances to challenge myself through the assigned works which I’ve known through books but not reality.

Besides, the management board always encourages employees to exploit, study and improve continuously. To create optimal conditions for employees getting the best ideas, the company has prepared environment, equipments, soft skills courses. Especially, engineers’ skills were also improved through specialized courses, domestic and foreign experts were invited for technical training and support; participating in domestic and abroad training courses as Japan, Thailand ... to become skillful engineers.

Company supports sufficiently not only on job but also in life. My case is an example. When I was assigned to join in training course in Japan, i brought my family to Japan together although we planned welcoming my first baby. In this situation, Company supported me to have a stable life and spend time for job without worry.

I’m so impressive by Japanese people because they always support staff very enthusiastically, highly appreciate collective strength, be friendly, and be fair to everyone. It’s shown through by reality in Company such as all employees wear the same uniforms, eat the same meal and receive the same gifts on the holidays or special days of the Company.

Moreover, when I was a child, I had known that products which were made in Japan, had high quality, received good reviews; Japanese loves their job and unity. Therefore, I really hoped to work in Japanese company.

Editor: Do you have any message to young people who are going to graduate and are looking for suitable jobs?

Chief Engineer: I just want to tell you that when we do anything, let’s spend all enthusiasm to achieve the best result. You may not see its result immediately even it takes several years to get result. However, let’s try your best; the success will reach to you.

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