Application for employment

Come to Canon Vietnam for stable career development !!!

Professional working environment

  • Working with Japanese experts and young, dynamic and highly responsible staff.
  • Opportunity to learn and approach to modern technology to motivate creativeness, especially for engineering staff.
  • Broaden and improve language skills (English, Japanese), management & other soft skills.
  • On job training program to develop and improve ability and working skills.
Toward a common goal: raising quality of products & working efficiency.

Self-development opportunities

Abroad-training and engineering
training opportunities – Engineering staff

  • Chance to join 1-year training-on-job in Japan with your great effort and luck.
  • Accessing to modern technology and advanced working styles of developed countries such as Japan, China, Thailand…
  • Opportunities to get advanced training courses such as mold die designing, part designing, Automation, robot control, PIC – Micro computer……

  • Learning specialty, culture and community of modern countries.
  • Freely learning, practicing and getting foreign language certificate during abroad training course.

Soft skills learning opportunities
– Admin staff

  • Chance to study soft skills such as reporting, presentation, management, negotiation, making plan and sharing information, effective communication, team-work, etc……..
  • Chance to attend special language class such as English, Japanese.
  • Chance to become a professional staff of some Department such as Human Resources (HR), Accounting (ACC), Purchasing (PUR), Production control (PDC), Planning (Plan), etc…..