Printer Circuit Board Production Deparment (PCB)

Administrative Staff

  • Responsibilities:
    - PIC in office jobs and manage checking attendance.
    - Train, check and make records for result of training newcomers.
    - Supplement and implement ISO procedure.
    - Make production plan for Deparment  based on factory plan.
    - Manage and make report the ratio of machine operation and cost for production.
    - Make purchase order, manage materials and sub-materials for production.
    - Manage man power for production. Solve  social welfare for employees.
    - Co-operate with other groups to implement related jobs.
  • Requirements:
    - Be able to work for the company for a long time and work under igh pressure.
    - Good awareness and seriously implement all regulations and policies and Deparment, Division and Company process related to security, confidential technology, business, wages and recruitment.
    - Have responsibility, high self-consiousness with responsibility.
    - Have spirit to work in group.
    - Co-ordinate with other groups in department to implement related jobs.

Staff PIC in Production

  • Responsibilities:
    - Manage working shift. Make the orders for OP to implement duties.
    - Train safety, regulations and other processes for junior staffs.
    - Make plan and implement plan for  maintaining equipment or mold die daily or quartally.
    - Co-operate with QC staff to analyse and find out the solution when problems happen.
    - Evaluate work performance of OP.
    - Make report and solve abnormal cases araising in production process.
  • Requirements:
    - Can work for company for a long time and can work under high pressure.
    - Receive oder from senior staff and implement to junior staff.
    - Have collective spirit, support colleages and towards to general target of Department, Division and Company.

Staff PIC in maintaining Equipments

  • Responsibilities:
    - Manage and establish data for machines and equipments ( machines for providing circuit boards, Surface Mounth Technology Machines and welding machines...)
    - Manage kinds of tools, equipments and zigs for production.
    - Make and implement plan for production innovation activities related to quality, deduce times to repair tools and equipments.
    - Train and lead how to use kinds of tools and equipments.
  • Requirements:
    - Able to work for the company for a long time and work under pressure.
    - Have ability of training and coaching for OP.
    - Be industrious, creatve in analyzing reasons for defects and problems and give ideas for innovation.
    - Have responsible for job, and towards to common targets of Deparment, Divison and Company.

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