Production Quality Assurance Department

  • Responsibilities:

    Assist Management Board to build, Manage & develop Quality Control System.
    - Build, manage & develop quality Control process in factory.
    - Gradually organize training course of quality control system for all employee.
    - Hold internal assessment to review & improve shortcomings in management at Departments.

    Make activities obey all Safety Standards.
    - Gradually contact & discuss with parent – company and update safety standards for products.
    - Co-operate with Departments to make sure meet standards in manufacturing process.

    Implement to assess trial producing for new products.
    - Access technology of new products through internal & oversea training process
    - Make plan of new products. Co-ordinating with Departments & parents Company absolutely solve problems arising in trial producing before Mass Producing.

    Co-ordinate with Engineering & Manufacturing Departments in
    - Checking, improving & approving Steps in manufacturing.
    - Organizing projects (if necessary) to solve problems arising in manufacturing.

    Check products & manufacturing Steps
    - Sample check: Test products.
    - Step check: Check tools, manipulation, documents & file on production line.
    - Directly check: Check 100% of products on line before packing.

    To be in charge to contact with outside about quality issue.
    - Receive complaint from custom.
    - Co-ordinate with Departments to give out solution.
    - Make record file of complaint of quality.

    To be the presenter of Company in front of Outside Assessing Organization
    - Orient activities at Departments to be fit with content which is certificated reaching Company Standard.
    - Co-operating with Assessing association to check process & actuality in Departments.
    - Treat detected mistakes in assessing process (if any) as soon as possible.

    Hold activities to improve quality
    - Hold & take part in activities to improve quality, reduce internal loss & make monthly & yearly report to Management Board & Head Quarter - Canon Group.
    - Collect & organize monthly meeting to find out reason & countermeasure to arising issues to constantly improve quality.

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